Monday, June 29, 2009

Olympic Plaza, Dicken's Pub

Biz! Markie! What a guy. Essentially he was seated for 80% of his performance so all the photos turned out...exactly the same. But all in all...he's a great entertainer even if word on the street is he and his dj got to the venue and said "What the fuck is this?!" 4 out of 5!

M5...totally awful. So bad it was almost awesome. 2 out of 5!

More Anvil. 5 out of 5. Sorry the crowd was such shit.

At this was time to leave and put some fucking jeans on. I sacrificed Holy Fuck, Liars and the Breeders...kind of regretting it today.


King Khan and the BBQ Show. This dude was alllll over the place this weekend. Missed the show at the Legion Thursday but caught it on Friday night. Awesome. Crowd pleasers. 5 out of 5!

Monotonix. My camera died after the first or second song which, at this kind of a show, is more infuriating than normal.
I find myself a little torn on their live show. Yes, they are insane and have so much energy it's mind blowing. Yes, I will probably never see a band play on the bar while pouring ice down their pants and throwing limes at the crowd. Yes, I will probably never see the ceiling fan and panels get ripped down and electrical cords pulled out. Unless I see Monotonix at Dicken's again, that is. But I got the distinct feeling that a number of people go mostly for the stage (or lack of) antics as opposed to the music. Personally, I dig their records a whole lot and I dig the fact that they can do that kind of show TWICE in a day...but something just doesn't sit quite right...5 out 5 at any rate!

Coming soon: Market Collective One Year Anniversary, Women, Githead, The Bronx, Tricky Woo and a wrap up/highlights/lowlights!

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