Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BeatRoute Dress!

For the past five years, BeatRoute has been a source of information, a way to discover new music, and a direct plug into Canadian culture. But now, thanks to Em Dobbin, it’s about to take on a whole new role: apparel.

When Dobbin left college after two unsatisfying years in the fashion production program, she was hoping that a career in fashion was still in her future. So when Sabrina Notte, her friend and owner of Déjà Vu Modeling, contacted Dobbin about the Faces West modeling convention in Vancouver, she knew this was her opportunity.

Notte was looking for a dress made out of newspapers and Dobbin was excited to get the chance to be involved in fashion again. After selling Notte on her proposal, Dobbin set out to create a dress entirely out of back copies of BeatRoute Magazine. She chose BeatRoute not only for the variety of colours and images, but also because of the positive impact that music has on our culture.

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