Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Calatrava comes to Calgary

Well...after much debate (Ald. Rick McIver) and much money (24.5 million) plans for the Peace Bridge construction have been finalized and designs have been released.
World renowned and prize winning architect Santiago Calatrava has designed an incredible pedestrian bridge that bypasses the use of supports, a concept relatively new to both the designer and bridge engineering. Calatrava has been known for his innovative use of support towers and cables, twisting and curving to bridge (no pun intended) the gap between form and function.
Calgary officials asked Calatrava to eliminate any structure in the river and the result is a design similar to a footbridge he designed in Venice.
Taking into account the ever drastic seasons here in Calgary, the bridge is covered and lit at night, making it a pleasant transfer for pedestrians and bicyclists in the winter.
It aint cheap, but Calgary officials are obviously dipping their toe into the innovative architecture pool. First the Bow, designed by Pritzker prize winner Norman a Calatrava bridge...what's next? My vote...get me some Gehry!

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this is awesome!!!!