Monday, July 06, 2009

Sled Island Wrap-Up — What Didn't Make it into Print

Everyone with access to a computer has already posted their own Sled Island wrap-up stories (I am far too late for this, but time passes at hitherto unknown speeds these days), so this will be a post in the form of a picture book. Following are some of the best pictures that never got published.

Andrew WK - The Legion Down - Sarah Kitteringham

Final Fantasy - Central United - Sarah Kitteringham

King Khan - The Legion Up - Sarah Kitteringham

The Coathangers - The Distillery - Derek Neumeier

Outside the Monotonix - Tubby Dog - Derek Neumeier

Lint - Dicken's Pub - Keven Fedirko

Sex Party - The Underground - Keven Fedirko

Whitey Houston - The Distillery - Keven Fedirko

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